Celebrate National Vegetarian Week 14 – 20 May 2018 today and every day

What better way to celebrate this week of excellence with the publication of DETOX KITCHEN VEGETABLES by Lily Simpson, owner of The Detox Kitchen.  Profiled in The Sunday Times, The Independent, and numerous other publications this week readers have been able to get a taste of what’s in store in this epic cookbook. Read on and turn up the volume on your vegetable creations.  A whole new exciting and scrumptious world awaits!

Lily Simpson’s exquisite way of cooking is inspired by a range of seasonal greens such as asparagus, green beans and pak choi, as well as the rest of the rainbow: butternut squash, aubergine and sweetcorn. With clever cooking techniques and spicing, her recipes reinvent the vegetarian-style menu – Honey and tamari-roasted fennel salad, Spinach kitchari, Beetroot and shallot fritters, Roasted cabbage with lentils, and Rhubarb granita are just a few of the fantastic dishes that fill the pages of DETOX KITCHEN VEGETABLES.

This beautiful book also includes tips on how to shop for, prepare and cook each vegetable, and tells you when they’re in season so you can get them at their peak time for flavour and nutrition. It’s a way of cooking that will nurture not only good health and wellbeing, but also your everyday joyfulness.

Feel-good recipes that celebrate the versatility and deliciousness of vegetables (and are free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar).

Detox Kitchen Vegetables by [Simpson, Lily]